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To play, download the Sporty Peppers application on your smartphone (iPhone & Android application). You can access the mobile games completely free by clicking on the name of the game. 

You can also play the games on your computer. Here is the STEAM download link STEAM Connect with Sporty Games on your computer to view the game (software installed on the computer) via STEAM. And through the software, you will be invited to download Sporty Peppers on your smartphone for motion detection (iPhone & Android application).

The use of the service requires :  

– An internet connection 
– Your computer and your smartphone must be connected to the same Wifi network 
– An Android smartphone (higher than Android 10 and with a GPU) or Apple (higher than iOS14) 
– A Windows or Mac computer: 
Minimum configuration: 8 GB of ram, 4-core processor
Recommended configuration: 16 GB of ram, 4-core processor and dedicated graphics card 


We do not store or broadcast any images captured by your phone’s camera, the image processing is done directly on your phone.  



    1. Install Sporty Peppers on your PC or Mac, via STEAM
    2. if it’s your first time on Steam, you need to create a Steam account and install Steam (software on your computer).
    3. When you launch Sporty Games, create an account or log in if you already have an account.
      Then here are the steps in Sporty Games, you will be guided step by step:
      – Install Sporty Peppers on your phone (Android or iOS) by scanning the QR Code present in the Sporty Games interface.
      – Launch the Sporty Peppers application on your phone and log in.
      – In the Sporty Peppers application, with your phone connected to the same network as your computer, press sync.
      – On your computer, press play.
      – Place your phone next to your screen and position yourself so that most of your body is in the camera’s field. You have access to a tutorial if needed.
      – After authorizing the Sporty Peppers application to use your camera, on your phone, you should see the recognition points on your image.
      – A good position is confirmed by the blue color of the elements (points and segments)
      – Choose your game!

    HOW TO PLAY ? 

    • After selecting your game, you can choose between “online game” and “solo”.
      – The online game will allow you to join a queue of players with whom you will play
      – The solo mode will allow you to train against avatars/bots
    • Follow the description of the sports moves to interact with the game


    You have received a STEAM code and you want to activate it?

    1. Install the STEAM software and create a STEAM account
    2. Open the STEAM software and open the “Games” menu and then, “Activate a product on STEAM”.
    3. Find your game in the Library
    4. Click on “Play” and follow the instructions


    Here is a list of things to check

    – Your phone’s wifi is on 
    – Your computer and your phone are connected to the same network (the network must be a private network: it must allow communication between 2 devices) 
    – Your account is connected on both devices 
    – You are ready to work out! 
    Also check the access authorization to the phone’s camera
    To play, you must authorize the Sporty Peppers application to use your phone’s camera.