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At Sporty Peppers, we spice up sports practice through play!

To move forward, do sports movements !

A fun and easy-to-access solution for daily use without dedicated equipment, all with a strong social and collective aspect.


Fast Libero

Winter Rush

Golden Run

(Coming soon)


Enter the track and avoid the defenders!

In this three-phase race, in groups of 5, be the fastest to reach the end of the field by dodging against the holograms of your opponents.


In a snowy setting, catch as many bonuses as possible while avoiding obstacles! 


Reach before others the treasure of golden peppers! You must move forward without being seen. Work on your postures on the principle of the “1,2,3 sun !”  game of your childhood. (In our 1,2,3 sun game, you get only people who are in better shape at the end, regardless of your score!)